Thursday, February 1, 2007

Should Virender Shewag be Selected for the Upcoming ICC Cricket World Cup 2007

Robin Uttappa and Gautam Gambhir have made the task hard for India’s benevolent opener Virender Shewag to regain his place at the team. As Sourav Ganguly has come back in his own form and Sachin is getting well at the number four position, the competition of getting the place of Ganguly’s opening partner is now rounded up among Shewag, Uthappa and Gambhir.

Uthappa has showed his aggressive batting as an opener in the recent series against West Indies. He has the ability to demolish any side but the only thing that he needs to show consistency at this level of cricket. I have seen his batting in the Under 19 world cup and I am sure that he has the potential to flourish as world class opener. For Gautam Gambhir, I think, though he has a lot of talent, he needs to show consistency in his batting. However, considering the recent performance, Uthappa is a bit ahead of Gambhir. However, the coming series against Sri Lanka will be very crucial for both of them to show their performance to be selected for the final squad of India for the cricket world cup.

On the other hand, Virender Shewag’s story is different than both Gambhir and Uthappa. Shewag has nothing new to prove as he has proved all of his batting talent in both ODI and Test cricket. He has over four thousand runs in both crickets which can not well-prove his batting talent. His hard hitting batting can be the real amusement to the fans and can boost up the team’s total within few balls. Moreover, he is an effective occasional spin bowler. However, the problem is that he is now in off-form and was out of the team in the last series against West Indies. The series against Sri Lanka would be the last chance for Shewag to get back to the team.

At last, I think, the competition of these three openers will create much news among themselves. However, considering the experience of Virender Shewag and the ability of his bowling can make him ahead of the others. Now, lets see what happen to the fate of all of the batsmen.