Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Andrew Symonds will Play in the World Cup Cricket 2007?

Andrew Symonds, one the most important ODI members of current Australian cricket team, is now in an uncertainty as last Friday he has fallen in an arm injury while batting against England. He has gone through a surgery in order to come back to field. However, it is not quite sure that he will be able to participate in the World Cup Cricket 2007. Now the question is that whether he will be selected for the squad of world cup cricket. Another question here eventually comes and that is, if he is included in the squad and later he proves unfit to play then what will happen. Will Australia have to continue the world cup keeping a member short from their squad?

Nine MSN reported:

The question at issue is whether or not the selection of Symonds would effectively reduce the Australian squad - to be announced at the end of the tri-series finals - from 15 to 14 if he was later ruled unfit.

Australian captain Ricky Ponting conceded it would be a risk to include Symonds, who had arm surgery last Sunday, in the team - but he wanted him to accompany the side on the tour.

Symonds underwent surgery to reattach the bicep in his right arm which he tore from the bone while batting against England in the day-night match last Friday.

Ponting is anxious for Symonds to travel to the World Cup

"Absolutely," Ponting said. "I think there are a few things we have to check out with the ICC first as far as taking an injured player away to the West Indies is concerned.

"But if it works out the way that we think it will...the doctors have basically said six or seven weeks and he should be right to start playing again then.

"That sort of period comes at a really crucial time in the middle of the World Cup there so to have him around and playing those games would be great for us," he said.

"He's such an important player for us and I know how much he wants to be at the World Cup as well, so we've got a lot of thinking to do to see if we pick him in the squad to take over to the West Indies."

I think Symonds’ exclusion will be a bad news for Australian cricket team as he has both bowling and batting capacity. However, Australia will be able to fill out his place as they have many potential players in their country.