Saturday, December 30, 2006

Fans Find Govinda Playing in a Less Important Character in Bhagam Bhag

Govinda’s newly released movie Bhagham Bhag is going well. However, his fans are not happy with his role in the movie. It is said that he appears in the movie few times which made his character less important. So, it is yet to see any success in this film. In the movie though his character was not less important rather both of their characters have the same position where the dressing is going on. I am quoting some lines from a santabanta report:

When asked about why he got such a rough deal he says, "I can't really blame anyone. I had to make a comeback and I had to do so in a big film. That opening, Bhaagam Bhag has provided for me.

If my role appears brief I've no one to blame. But yes, there was a lot more I could've done. Why I didn't do it? I've no answer to that."

According to insiders, Chi Chi had a big role that was edited out in the interest of the film. So much so, that a lot of scenes he had shot for were not retained.

Though Priyadarshan has brought him back from hibernation but Govinda’s fans are disappointed as he was barely there in the film. Even his children are disappointed with his role in the film.

However Govinda puts up a brave front and says, “The film had become too long, so a certain amount of editing was required.But at the end of the day, I am happy that there were at least three scenes in the film where viewers clapped for me. My aim was to return to Bollywood and I have done it.”

So though it is his comeback movie, fans look for that Govinda whom they know. I think, Govinda can give much more interesting thing s to his fans.