Friday, December 29, 2006

Bollywood: Sexy Actresses like Mallika Sherawat Leaving Bikini Becoming Fully Dressed

In the last two decades or some more, many Bollywood actresses started an unholy competition of showing their body parts. They love to be called sex bombs and they often justify their short dresses in various ways. Some actresses have seen some good success by wearing short dresses and arousing the mind of male viewers. In fact, many people feel that displaying sexy figures of some hot actresses is the best formula for success in Bollywood.

It is really great to see that this ugly formula did not work out for the actresses. Nikhil Kumar has talked about this matter in his report: 2006 : Bollywood sex bombs not ticking anymore! Here, he has talked about a number of actresses who depend more on showing their so called sex appeal than acting talent. Here is an excerpt from this report:

Mallika Sherawat , who is still the undisputed sex bomb of Bollywood, did what she does best in just one movie, Shaadi Se Pehle , and that too in a very restrained way. Then she took a U-Turn and was seen fully dressed in Pyar Ke Side Effects . In one scene in the film, Mallika even looks at the skimpily dressed Sophie Choudhary (playing a singer) and says: “I can never wear a dress like that.” Who could have thought we would see such a day in Bollywood?
Neha Dhupia , who once set new standards of skin show with flicks like Julie and Sheesha , suddenly turned her back to sexy roles and was seen in an all-new non-glamourous avatar in Chup Chup Ke . The actress has apparently vowed never to go into the sleazy streak again and is doing only those films that can prove her acting mettle.
Payal Rohatgi did provide some hot stuff in two very aptly titled movies: Men Not Allowed and ‘Ek Se Mera Kya Hoga’. But then, she also had a change of mind and decided not to indulge in skin show. What followed were miniature roles in Madhur Bhandarkar’s Corporate and Sangeeth Sivan’s Apna Sapna Money Money . But Payal seems happier with small roles in big movies than meaty roles in sleazy films.

It is simply fantastic to see that all these meaty actresses are failing and are forcing to wear some decent clothes in the movies. Actually, I think that 2006 was the year that Bollywood became matured. If people really care to see the bodies of the actresses then there is plenty of pornography to enjoy. Main stream movie should be always neat and clean- as much as possible.

Bollywood movies are now earning more money in UK, USA and Canada more than ever before. Naturally, this matter is going to help to improve the standard of Bollywood movies too. So, in 2007, we can expect more so called sex bomb actresses to become fully dressed.


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oh you can like to see nice girls in movies and don't like pornography...there's actress who are sexy and goog actress