Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Museum Ke Andar Phas Gaya Sikandar: A Hollywood Film in Bollywood Disguise

Museum Ke Andar Phas Gaya Sikandar- this name sounds a Bollywood film, isn’t it? Wrong! It is the name of a Hollywood film. Well, it is a dubbed movie but the interesting thing is that the producer of the movie is not promoting the original name: Night at the Museum but insisting on the Hindi name.

DNA India has the story and I am quoting from it:

Warner Brothers is trying a new strategy with their latest release – ‘Night at the Museum’. This Ben Stiller, Robin Williams and Owen Wilson starrer will be released all over India only as ‘Museum Ke Andar Phas Gaya Sikandar’. Twentieth Century Fox is releasing this movie only in just the dubbed versions - Hindi, Tamil and Telugu, and not in English.

The Hindi script for ‘Museum Ke Andar Phas Gaya Sikandar’ has been written by Kiran Kotrial and is voiced by Damandeep Singh, Anil Datt and Saurabh Agarawal for Ben Stiller, Robin Williams and Owen Wilson respectively. It’s been written keeping in mind Indian sensibilities interspersed with local wit and humour.

Really, Americans are great when it comes to marketing movies. This is another example of the talent of Hollywood. Now, we have to see if Indian audience accepts this movie.

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Anonymous said...

Well, Probably I would enjoy the English version more. Because I can understand English, you know.