Sunday, December 24, 2006

Bipasha Basu: Bikini or no Bikini

Bipasha Basu is more famous for her sex appeal than her acting talent. It seems that in most of her movies, she wants to focus more on showing her body than giving a memorable performance. Yes, she has won the heart of thousands of fans by showing her body and she has seen some decent success too but she has failed to impress serious viewers. Well, Bipasha Basu may have become tired from this matter and has announced that she is not going to wear bikini anymore. wrote:

Bipasha says she was given the choice to wear shorts instead of bikinis in the film. But she chose the latter because she was confident that her stylist Anahita Shroff would design an eye-catching look for her.

And now in an interview to a Mumbai-based tabloid, Bipasha has said that she won’t wear the bikini again.

“I wouldn't wear a bikini on screen again. Otherwise, where's the freshness in wearing it once? I always believe whatever you do, you should touch and move, not stick on to it,” Bipasha is quoted as saying.

This is very funny to me. I guess that Bipasha Basu is going to say good bye to bikini after all. But mind her words- she said that she wont wear bikini anymore but she did not say that she is not going to wear short dress or show her body parts any more!