Sunday, December 24, 2006

Sushant Singh practicing Kick Boxing for his Movie Lahore

Sushant Singh is not a very famous actor but I think that he is a very dedicated one. It is nice to see that he is practicing kick boxing for acting in a movie called Lahore. It does not happen in Bollywood that much that an actor or actress seriously try something for a movie. Daily India wrote:

A breed of very dedicated actors seems to have come into being in Bollywood. The latest to join the league is Sushant Singh, who has been training in the ancient oriental art of kickboxing for his role in 'Lahore'.

'I've got a trainer from Thailand, Mark. It's for a film called 'Lahore', by a young new director Sanjay Chauhan. The whole film revolves around the theme of kickboxing,' Sushant told IANS.

Though Sushant had done some boxing in his college days, training in kickboxing has been another experience altogether.

I wish Sushant all the success. I am sure that he will do great as he is working very hard for his role in the movie.


Anonymous said...

a v v v superb actor!!!!!!!!!!111