Sunday, December 31, 2006

Madhuri is Coming Back with an Anil Mehta Film

By: Sonia Yasmin

It’s great news for the film lovers, especially for her fans, that Madhury Dixit is coming back. She stopped acting movies after getting married. But her acting in Devdas really touched people’s heart. Despite that she was away from filmdom and was raising her two children in U.S.A. Her husband is a U.S. based Indian surgeon. Madhuri reigned Bollywood for such a long time. In 80’s decade and also in 90’s decade she was the number one heroine. It is said that she is made up of the best side of greatest actresses of golden era of Hindi film. For example Madhuri dances like Madhubala and has got the beautiful smile like Shuchitra Sen. To her fans it is a million dollar smile which they miss so much. But she is not a dumb beauty. She had to prove her acting ability to be on the top.

From the very beginning from her first film Abodh she had to struggle a lot to exist as her debut film was not hit and as she was not from a filmy background. After fighting against all odds she gets her hit film Tezab. Who can forget the dance with Ek Do Teen. With that dance and acting she wanted to say that she was here to stay and as the Queen. Even competing with the heartthrob Sridevi she took hold of her position.

It was really heartbreaking for the film lovers when she got married in 1999 and finally stopped acting.

Hindu reports :

What I missed was being in front of the camera and assuming various characters,'' Dixit told the Times of India newspaper in an interview published on Thursday. ``Yeah I missed that, I'm glad to have it back.''

``I don't miss the adulation or the glamour, though it is good to know people still miss me,'' said the actress who stopped working to raise her two children.

She is doing a film from January and it’s a YAsh Raj film and directed by Anil Mehta. Let’s see how it turns for her. It is always hard for a married heroine to come back and get to the top. The film viewers are not as welcoming with them as with the married heroes. But Madhury is tough too. She has every quality even hard work in her to fulfill her dreams.

We wish her all the best.