Sunday, December 24, 2006

John Abraham Involves in Designing

Famous Indian model and popular actor john Abraham is going to be involved in designing as he along with designer Salli Deighton and Indian designer Ramneel Walia. John will create a new line of Jeans in every season for the popular US brand of Jeans. This exclusive design will be available in some selected stores. I am quoting some lines from a All Headline News article regarding this news:

Abraham said in an interview with, "The style is basic and retro and reflects my personality. I have worked along with an Italian designer to develop the line and the inside pocket of every pair of jeans has the history of how I arrived at that particular design.

"In India we usually get the season's collections a few months later than the West, but this is the first line that will be on par with the rest of the world. I will do a new collection every season and it will be available only at a few select stores in the Indian metros."

Abraham was one of India's most successful models before he started his acting career. His hit movies include "Jism," "Dhoom," "Taxi No. 9211" and "Garam Masala."

Screen God of the Indian youth and trend setter John Abraham is all set to challenge the fashion designers in their own field!Wrangler, the top US jeans label has bagged John Abraham to design a new range of jeans for the Indian market.To design this new denim range John will put his efforts along with Wrangler's international designer Salli Deighton and Indian designer Ramneel Walia.

It seems that John is going to be involved in his new job very seriously and I do not know if he takes it as his profession. However, his fans will not want him see as a profound designer rather just as an actor.