Wednesday, December 27, 2006

New York: Time Warner Brings Bollywood Movies in TV Channel

Time Warner is a famous company and it is related to Hollywood movies. Time Warner had nothing to do with Bollywood until now. However, this is going to change or this has already changed in New York. Now, Time Warner is distributing Bollywood movies in a TV channel in New York. Money Control wrote:

If you are in New York and tune into Channel 500 on Time Warner Cable, you could immediately start watching Rang De Basanti, India’s nominee for the 2007 Oscar awards. That’s courtesy BODVOD or Bollywood on Demand - a New York-based company, that launched BODVOD across 11 million cable homes in the area, in November. Each film costs $3.95 to view on Time Warner. And the carriers are impressed with the initial results.

Director, On Demand Services, Time Warner Cable, Betty Campbell-Adams told SAW, "Bollywood has been the second-most requested category, behind Spanish. It’s done successfully and we expect that success to continue."

I know that in New York a huge number of people of South Asian live and they would love to have Bollywood movies in their TV. This will ensure more revenue for Bollywood and I believe that Bollywood directors and producers will try to bring more variation in their movies.