Friday, December 29, 2006

Review of Museum Ke Andar Phas Gaya Sikandar (Night at the Museum)

A Hollywood based movie named ‘Night at the Museum’ was released in US and now it has also released in Bollywood country India. However, the movie has been released being dubbed in Hindi which has not made the movie in the most talking points in Bollywood rather it is its title which has also been changed with the language. The name of the movie is the most interesting thing is that the movie has not gone through any change while dubbing but the language is now in Hindi. So, people can feel an English movie understandable to everyone which is based on the English culture and their context. Ben Stiller acted and Shawn Leavy directed this movie ‘Museum Ke Andar Phas Gaya Sikandar’ will be rare combinations of humor, adventure, thrill and wit.

In the movie, it is seen that a night guard of a museum Larry Daley faces many unnatural and unexpected things which made fun as well as thrill in the movie. In a situation, Larry was chased by Tyrannosaurus skeleton. He is to face many other things including Mayans, Roman Army, Octavius, Neanderthals, Attila and Hun, Ahkmenrah etc. In the museum Larry finds something supernatural and interesting activities. At the last moment, it becomes a responsibility of Larry to find out the Egyptian tablet which is the key factor of keeping the thing in order in the museum. Then with the help of Roosevelt’s horse Texas, Jedidiah and Octavius in a remote control hummer, Larry takes the tablet and keeps the situation and the creature of the museum peaceful.

I think the movie can be a solid equipment of getting fun and people can enjoy the movie very much. Besides, it is a good initiative to release a movie just being dubbed and changed the title. In the way, people can easily understand a foreign movie. To know whether the movie could get hit with a moderate average, you have to wait for a few days.

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