Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Music of Don (2006)

In Bollywood, music is a part and parcel of any movie. Without music, there can be no Bollywood movie. Different type of songs are very important for any movie. Love, relationship between two people, any sorrow and happy moments in life can be shown and expressed by music and songs. Now in modern age, lots of changes have come in music of Bollywood. New instruments, different styles are emerging and we have got it through in the new remake of Don(2006). The musical team consisted of Shankar- Ehsaan-loy, and also midival punditz, DJ Randolph and lyrics was written by famous lyric writer Javed Akter. An electric mix of techno rave and pop have increased the attraction of Don. They have kept most popular and famous song ‘Main Hoon Don’ as a title song. It is sung by Shaan, but the music is different from the old version.

Even the remix version has added in this song. Other high beat music with remix version is ‘Yeh Mera Dil’, which is sung by Sunidhi Chuhan, It was taken from the original version, and melody has remained same. Other song is “Mourya Re”, a music to Lord Ganesha, sung by Shunkar Mahadevan. The music is in Indian style. In this song, Dhols have been used. Another outstanding song is ‘Aaj ki Raat’ sung my Alisha Chinai, Mahalaxmi Iyer and Sonu Nigam. It has been added in the end at the climax which creates suspense in movie. It has different tracks.

‘Khaike Pann Banaras Waala’. is a well known song, was sung by Kishore Kumar in the old version. In new version of Don, Udit Narayan has sung and tried to give his best performance in this song. In this song, some lines have been put by Shahrukh Khan. Now, it is remix time. The new generation likes remix music. They like new version and mew melody for any kind of movie.