Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Bhagam Bhag: Official Movie Site

Bhagam Bhag is going to be released on 22 December. So, many fans are eagerly expecting to enjoy this movie in cinema halls across India. Naturally, many people will search about the movie and its different aspects in Internet. So, I browsed through the net myself and took a look at the official movie site of Bhagam Bhag. The address of the website is:

The use of flash has made the website attractive. You can read the story of the movie. You can also know about the cast and crews. In the gallery section, you can find some cool images. You can also download screensaver, posters and wallpapers from the website. Of course, to enjoy the trailer you should have a good internet connection.

Finally, in the media section, you can listen to some music and also enjoy the trailer. I liked the website and its content. I liked the professional attitude in making the website.

So, visit the official website and enjoy the goodies.