Sunday, December 24, 2006

Shah Rukh Khan to appear in Farah Khan’s Second Movie ‘Om Shanti Om’

Shah Rukh Khan is going to act in the second movie of Farah Khan who has been successful with his first movie ‘Main Hoon Na’ where Shah Rukh Khan also played the role of the hero. Deepika Padukone will act against Shah Rukh Khan. The specialty of this movie would be its get up. Farah will follow the fashion of 70’s in his movie and for that Farah assigned three designers including Karan Johar for Shah Rukh’s costume, Manish Malhotra for Deepika’s and Sanjiv Mulchandani fir other characters of the movie.

I am quoting some line from Apunkachoice report:

The movie will feature Deepika Padukone as SRK’s heroine. Others in the cast are Shreyas Talpade , Kiron Kher and Bindu.

Farah has reportedly hired three designers to do costumes in the film. Karan Johar will design SRK’s outfits, Manish Malhotra will design for Deepika and Sanjiv Mulchandani for the rest of the cast.

The costumes will be from the fashion of the 70s : hippie kurtas with pop-art prints and polka dots, printed shirts with long collars, and ghararas with crocheted flowers, etc.

Even the hairdos of the main actors will be reminiscent of the styles of the 70s.

Farah, who has been a great admirer of entertainers from the 70s, says her movie ‘Om Shanti Om’ is not in any way based on Subhash Ghai’s movie ‘Karz’ that had a song with the same title.

Farah has been busy with her movie’s pre-production work. She wants to begin shooting early next year. The film is said to have an approximate budget of Rs 30 crore.

Farah Khan gave something special in her first movie ‘Mail Hoo Na” and you can be well-predicted that she is going to making something special again for the fans. This time it might be costume.