Friday, December 29, 2006

Shekhor Kapoor Opened a Comic Book Company

Shekhor Kapoor has opened a book shop in Mumbai. The company will publish comic books. The books will not only for the Indian children rather these books will also be appropriate for the foreign people too. Regarding this new I have gone through an indiafm report and quoting some of the lines from that article:

The company is based in Bangalore and will publish comic books keeping the international audiences in mind. A team of 200 writers, visualisers and artists are currently working in the company. Incidentally, Shekhar is also one of the writers as he has great vision and the ability to express himself. The director said that he was always interested in creating characters that are out of this world, and he could come up with no better way to create as many fictional characters as he wanted. Adding to this, he asserted that conjuring fiction is a highly challenging job and he wants his company to be the best publishing firm for comic books in the world. As ambitious as this sounds, he said that this is his sole mission in the months to come.

It is a good initiative of publishing comic books which help children to flourish their potential. However, it is also needed to have a common quality among the publishers which is in the key concern.