Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A New Trend in Bollywood: Making Movie Based on Sports

We all know India a country where cricket is considered as the major source of entertainment. Irrespective of age and class all people love cricket in India. Now, the directors of Bollywood are going to take the best out of this advantage. They are now focusing on making films based on sports. Lagan, stared by Aamir Khan was a blockbuster movie based on cricket where the central character of the movie named Lagaan made something impossible and saved his community out of the aggression of British Rules. The movie not only shows the uncertainty of cricket rather it also tells the history of India and the aggression of British rulers over the general people of India. A nice love story was also there. So many things were incorporated in one movie in order to make it interesting to different kinds of people. Another movie, bend it Like Beckham is based on the theme of football.

Having seen so many successes, the directors are now rushing to the sports-based movies. Recently there was news that Indian star cricketer Anil Kumble has signed in a movie where cricket plays a big part. There were many Indian cricketers who have starred in Bollywod. Kapil Den Sidhu, Vinod Kambli and many star players have appeared in big screen. However, it does not mean that making movie based on sports can assure its box office success rather it is its story and quality which can make a place for a movie at box office. Regarding this common trend in Bollywood I am quoting some lines from a timesofindia report:

In a sports crazy nation, where cricket is a religion and indeed games the greatest uniting factor, it doesn't take much to understand why movies based on sports evoke passion and emotions, not to mention, box-office domination.

Little wonder then that Bollywood is cashing in on the sports fever, with as many as five new movies based on different sports being announced this year.

Sports lovers are thrilled. Says 23-year-old Ruchi Jaiswal, "I just love watching films based on sports. I enjoy the thrill in movies like Major League and I can watch Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikander any time of the day."

If the grapevine is to be believed, sportspersons including Anil Kumble and some others are all set to make appearances in a few recently announced movies. Former cricketer Anshuman Gaekwad sees no harm in one established medium taking advantage of another. "Considering how popular games are in our country, movies like Lagaan are very enjoyable even for the common public," he says.

And if film critic Taran Adarsh is to be believed, it's not just cricket that will soon find a space on the silver screen: "Film-makers have realised that other sports can be successful too, Bend It Like Beckham being a case in point.

It is true that it is a new trend in bollywood to make movie based on sports but it is also correct that in Bollywood nothing can last long. So, now it is yet to see what happen to this trend.


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