Sunday, December 24, 2006

Bollywood Movie Kaafila remembers 283 Immigrants in Malta Tragedy

Yioham Tragedy was a tragedy that haunts many people in South Asia even today. To remind you about this tragedy, I am giving some sentences from a report of MaltaMedia:

On December 25, 1996, hundreds of illegal immigrants from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh boarded the "Yiohan" in Malta to travel to Sicily from where they hoped to fan out across western Europe. But the ship sank in stormy waters, killing 289 of the around 450 people aboard.

A Bollywood movie is going to remember these 283 immigrants after 10 years. Kaafila is the name of the movie. Ammtoje Mann is the director of this movie and Sunny Deol, Ammtoje Mann, Sudesh Berry, Sandeep Kang, Sana Nawaz are among the performers. About this movie, Times of Malta wrote:

The Yioham tragedy, which claimed the lives of 283 immigrants on Christmas Eve ten years ago, has inspired a Hindi movie, Kaafila, which will be released in the New Year.

Kaafila, likely to be the first film of its kind in Bollywood, deals with illegal immigration and human trafficking.

The victims of the Yioham tragedy, the worst accident in the Mediterranean since World War II, were mostly Pakistanis, Indians and Sri Lankans who drowned near Porto Palo, Sicily. They were to be transferred from the Yioham to a Maltese-registered ferry but there was a collision in the rough seas and the ferry carrying the immigrants sank.

It’s nice to see that we can have a movie like Kaafila in Bollywood. I just wish that there can be more movies like it. Bollywood really needs to grow up and do experiments.