Sunday, December 24, 2006

Tribal Children of Orissa Met with Bollywood Stars

On the occasion of Christmas and New Year celebration, about three thousand tribal children of Orissa, India have met with some of the stars of Bollywood including Chunky Pandey, Yukta Mukhi, Riya Sen, Tanushri Dutta and Rajpal Yadav as well as the laughter artistes Naveen Prabhakar and Gaurav Sharma. Not only were the children happy being with some of the dream figures of bollywood, rather the stars also enjoyed the time being with these children. Regarding this ceremony I have gone through an Daily India report:

The actors said they were glad to meet the children and also gave them their best wishes for the future.

"It is a gift for us also and just as it is for them to meet us. On Christmas and New Year, my sincerest prayers and wishes are with them. They should all become world famous. May they all be invited on stage and be honoured and felicitated. They should continue to inspire their future generations," said Yukta Mukhi, Bollywood actress and former Miss World.

Spirits were high and smiles adorned the faces of the children as the actors entertained them.

The children said they never imagined that they would ever meet their favourite stars who, till now, they had only seen on television.

"I am happy to see Chunky Pandey, Riya Sen and others. I have been watching them on television till, now but today we saw them in real. I even got the chance to shake hands with them. I am so happy," said Bharati, a tribal girl. (ANI)

It was a good initiative to do something inspirational for the children which will lead them towards the pick of the mountain and make them confident to reach to their aim. This kind of organizing attitude should continue in other states too.


wiky said...

idont agree with these ranks
coz if u realy wanna give TOP 10 racks then i strongly recomend that AKKI(AKSHAY KUMAR)is at the top most.
coz everybody like
i think the analyzer should again review that what is he writing about....

Anonymous said...

1) Sharukh Khan
2) Amir Khan
3) Sanjay Dutt
4) Akshay Kumar
5) Salman Khan
6) Anil Kapoor
7) Saif Ali Khan
8) Hritik Roshan
9) Imran Hashmi
10)Shahid Kapoor

shahzad said...

Sanjay Dutt is the best i love him ,

Anonymous said...

I am from Pkistan .Sanjay Dutt is the Best ,Sab ka baaap is sanjay dutt, 1.SANJAY DUTT

Anonymous said...

none of them is top hero
amir khan is the real hero

Anonymous said...

List of top actors always starts only with Salman Khan..... Not with SRK,aamir or akshay. Salman khan is the best actor in this world