Wednesday, December 27, 2006

It’s time for Bollywood Memorabilia

If you search the Internet about Hollywood movies you can find a lot of advertisements about the sale of Hollywood memorabilia. I know that there are millions of crazy fans who would do everything to get something that is related to Hollywood. It is true that Bollywood cannot match Hollywood in this regard but it is also true that the number of Internet users is increasing in all corners of the world. So, naturally, the number of Bollywood fans with access to Internet is increasing rapidly. Thus, the time for Bollywood memorabilia has come and Internet is leading the way. Financial Express wrote:

From ebay to and, a number of websites are selling old classic posters, film-inspired clothesline, photos, calenders, comic books, games, and even personalised items like Bipasha Basu’s bracelet, Boman Irani’s eyeglasses and Soha Ali Khan’s jeans, which these stars auction for charity causes.

“The film merchandise sector was till sometime back confined to producing cheap, pavement imitations of the ‘friend’ cap, posters of film actors or song books. However, online shopping stores have given a new lease to this dormant sector,” says Deepa Thomas of ebay India. The hype and hoopla generated by Lagaan’s Oscar nomination gave a major fillip to what was hitherto a fledgling market in the country-retail of movie memorabilia.

Movie memorabilia-from toys, comic books, games, note pads, colouring books to a film-inspired clothesline and most important of all film posters are being sold through online stores, says Thomas.

So, you see that Bollywood is becoming a big business. If you have anything that is somehow related to Bollywood or any of its stars of movies then from now start thinking how you can have a decent income from it.