Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Bobby Bedi wants Good Research and Development for Bollywood

By: Sonia Yasmin

I also agree with Bobby Bedi that Bollywood needs its own research and development (R&D) center. Now a days people want the best. If they don’t get they will switch to another. Last year’s success in the box office proves that people want something fresh and new. And for that we need to do research. In an interview with the Hindustan Times Bobby Bedi, chief of Kaleidoscope Entertainment Pvt Ltd, has talked about the problems Bollywood faces and also the good changes this industry is having now. He said the reduction of tax (now 30 percent) has saved the industry from taking money from the underworld. The Multiplex culture and selling rights to foreign companies are also good moves. He also added piracy is the major problem which is harming the film industry a great deal. But he is hopeful. I am quoting a Q/A from the interview:

What are the key action points for the industry today?

The biggest initiative is to have research and development. Every other industry has it, why not films? There should be idea incubators. Film should go through a process by which only the best ideas hit the screen. The other area is talent development. Presently, we have a bunch of five stars dominating the industry, and they end up cornering most of the growth. The third and the most important part is to get the right connect with the viewer. The messaging should be loud and clear so that when the viewer walks into the theatre, he knows what to expect. The wrong audience can kill a movie.

Bedi has produced, among other films, films like Rang De Basanti, Mangal Pandey and Bandit Queen.

Thanks for such a good interview. Expert and talented people should give more interviews like this. People in related fields will be benefited immensely.