Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Bollywood in USA: Hindi Movies are More Popular than Spanish Movies!

2006 has been a great year for Bollywood movies in the US. Bollywood mnovies emerged as the most popular foreign language movies in the US in 2006. Hindi movies are even more popular than Spanish movies!

Hindustan Times reported:

It has been a record-breaking year for Hindi films at the US box office in 2006.

Of the 14 foreign language films that have grossed over $2 million this year, a stunning seven have been in Hindi.

No other language has come close to contributing so many box office hits to the list. Spanish, despite being spoken by millions of more Americans, trails far behind as the next most popular foreign language at the US box office with only two films above the $2 million benchmark this year.

The industry has never seen more than two Hindi films surpass this box office level in the same year.

The seven hits of 2006 easily shattered the previous record and showed immense growth for Bollywood films in the US.

It sounds unbelievable to me. Spanish is the second language in US. Hindi is not even among the top ten languages there. So, you can understand that Bollywood movies are attracting a lot of Indians and Americans in USA.


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