Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Shilpa Shetty Earning RS 3 crores in Big Brother UK

By: Sonia Yasmin

The happy New Year’s Day and also most of January 2007 Shilpa is going to spend in an undisclosed part of UK. She leaves for that place at the end of this month and will take part in the biggest reality show Big Brother UK. It was a great honor for Shilpa to be the first Bollywood celebrity who was invited to that show without lobbying for it. Indiafm wrote

Says the source, "When Shilpa was approached she was taken completely by surprise. She had made no overtures to Endemol (the company that produces Big Brother internationally) to let them know she was interested in their show at all. But Big Brother made inquiries. They wanted their first Bollywood entry into the show and they needed someone with a smart, sexy look and attitude, someone who could converse fluently in English. Asians make up about 80 percent of viewers on the show."

No one knows how 2007 will turn out for this attractive actress in her career but she is going to earn this huge money only in 25 days and also international recognition will help her. This is for sure. All the best for her.


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