Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Manoj Bajpai: Satisfying Soul with Charity Work

By: Sonia Yasmin

Manoj Bajpai is different than many successful Bollywood actors. He may reach the sky , at least in doing good and intense roles, but still he looks down and has compassion for the poor especially in his native village. Belwa village is in Bihar and like many parts of Bihar is backward. Manoj wants to develop his native village. He is working with his friend Gayandeo Mani Tripathi. Tripathi is setting up an organization for rural development and Manoj is working with him. He requested Tripathi to work for his village Belwa. Telugu Portal wrote:

"I am in my village to satisfy my inner soul by contributing something to the development of my village," he remarked.

The actor said he had given 13 years to Bollywood and 11 years to theatre, "But I now decided to give some time for self-satisfaction".

He his hectic schedule in Mumbai had made it difficult for him to visit Belwa more often. "After living in Mumbai, I had become distanced from my village and now I would like to fill that gap."

Manoj Bajpai, all our well wishes are with you. Go ahead.

What is about the other bigger stars and business magnets? If they can’t get involved like Manoj Bajpai at least can help people like them. They just want to outshine everybody in ranking, glamour, designer clothes, luxurious cars, money making etc. etc. why not in humanitarian work?