Sunday, December 24, 2006

Katrina Kaif: Is Salman Khan Worried for the Future?

Salman Khan is in deep love with Katrina Kaif these days. There love affair is an open matter and there is good possibility that some day they can get married. Well, this is not the first time that Salman is madly in love with an actress. We have seen it a few times until now.

Anyway, it seems that Salman Khan has started to care for Katrina Kaif’s career in Bollywood movies a bit too much. He is escorting Katrina Kaif everywhere and that is why some people are concerned that may be Salman Khan has started to become too jealous of Katrina Kaif acting with male actors.

Bollywood Mantra wrote:

According to sources, Salman has been seen accompanying Katrina during most of her shoots; he recently even accompanied her for the dubbing sessions of Namastey London. Sources claim that Salman is not too happy with Katrina working with certain co-stars and that is why he seen tagging along with her for her shoots. However others claim that Salman is merely being extremely supportive of Katrina’s bollywood career. In fact Salman was the one to give Katrina’s bollywood career a boost after her debut film Boom flopped. Katrina was seen in Salman’s home production alongside the actor. Salman also tried to replace his co-star Priyanka Chopra in Rajkumar Santoshi’s film with Katrina.

So, we will have to wait a little longer to know the reality. If we judge based on Salman’s action of the past then it is difficult for us to give Salman Khan the benefit of the doubt. I really feel sad for Salman. He started so greatly with Maine Pyar Kiya but he just destroyed his talent by running after one actress after another.


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