Saturday, December 30, 2006

Mandolin Players to make the school out of the area

With the emerging of new technology, the old things are gone forever. As synthesizers came into being, then on directors use it in stead of old mandolin. That is why many mandolin and mouth organ speakers have lost their lives. Paramjeet Singh Sethi, a great artist who has also lost his job recently. Mr. Shethi has presented some good music in different types of movies. I am quoting some line on this regard from a report,

"Our work in Mumbai became few and far between, since synthesisers replaced instruments like the mandolin. It was only the old music directors who used such instruments. Now, a majority of them prefer synthesisers. I am not alone. Some 300 to 400 musicians are jobless," claims Sethi.

Sethi's journey to Bollywood began in 1983, when noted qawwali singers Shankar and Shambhu heard him play the mandolin in Amritsar. Sethi was soon working with noted music directors Ravinder Jain, Laxmikant-Payrelal and Anu Malik in Mumbai.

A mandolin and mouth-organ master artist, Sethi also tried his hand in the Punjabi music industry, but lady luck failed to smile on him.

His passion for music made Sethi handle the setback of loosing a job. Keeping his mission alive, Sethi now teaches music to some 20 village students.”

Technology is needed for anything development but it has also to be assured that this development will not harm anybody else and if there is any possibility then the plan should be implemented in another way.