Friday, March 14, 2008

Race Hindi movie : Is Abbas-Mustan's action-thriller going to create another controversy like Dhoom 2 ?

Hey, forget all the glitz and glamour and action sequences. You must have to remember the sizzling love making session of Saif and Bipasha in Race, right? Well, the love making scene was very convincing and on the day when the scene was shot, the directors did not allow too many people on the shooting spot. Apun Ka Choice reports:

It was in those days, when their friendship was at its thickest, did the two
stars shoot a passionate lovemaking scene for the film.

A nocturnal ambience was created on the sets for this sequence. Saif was shirtless and Bipasha was dressed in a low-neck sexy red outfit. Her hair was wet.

Director duo Abbas Mastan kept minimal possible crew on sets for
this scene to make the actors comfortable.

It is reported that the two remained very comfortable throughout the shooting and the outcome is seen by all. The vote is unanimous, Saif and Bipasha look great on the screen. Now, the big question - Is it going to create another Dhoom-2 like controversy? Mind you, Dhoom-2 only had a kissing scene between Hrithik and Aishwarya Bachchan and here it is “KHULLAM KHULLA”. I am eagerly waiting to see the nut-cracker lawyer, who would file a case of obscenity in the court and get some instant fame.

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