Thursday, March 13, 2008

Music of the Movie ‘Shaurya’ Released

The music of the upcoming Bollywood film ‘Shaurya’ has been made public recently. Well-known actor Rahul Bose will be seen in the lead role of the movie. The actor was present at the music release ceremony but did not give much information regarding the music of the movie. However, he expressed that he played the role of the protagonist, Sidhant Shaurya. His role of army personnel in the movie is seen to be fighting for the principles. Rahul Bose gave the most surprising information in the ceremony as he expressed that Shaurya could be his last movie in the lead role.

Timesnow reported:

When asked about the films in the pipeline after 'Shaurya', Rahul Bose said that he would play character roles as he is on the verge of ending his acting career. He also revealed that 'Shaurya' might be his last film, where he is in the lead role. It looks like Rahul Bose has couple of Oscar winning performances to look forward to.

That would be a shock for the fans of Rahul Bose. It is now certain that his fans will have enough expectations from the movie ‘Shaurya.’ You have to wait sometime to see if the movie brings out box office success for Rahul Bose, but you can al least taste the music of the movie. I hope, this would not be the last movie of Rahul Bose in the lead role as his fans want him go on with his acting in the central roles of the movies.