Saturday, March 22, 2008

Deepika Padukone Dissatisfied Getting Less Standard Hotel than that of Akshay Kumar

Deepika Padukone is now one of the emerging stars of the industry. The actress stunned all with her debut film Om Shanti Om last year. The actress is now busy with her shooting schedule in Bangkok for the movie Chandni Chowk To China, directed by Nikhil Advani. However, according to recent reports, Deepika has been dissatisfied with preferential treatment shown against her. Let me tell you in brief.

Deepika Padukone, director and all the crews have been boarded to Grand Sukhumvit Hotel in the city, while Akshay Kumar has been put up in the Four Seasons Hotel, where the fare is almost double of the fare of Grand Sukhumvit. This is the reason behind Deepika Padukon’s dissatisfaction in the media. However, Deepika denied having any such thing in her mind as she said she was happy with the hotel she had been handed.

One India reported:

It is believed that Deepika complained about this preferential treatment to a friend in the industry. However the actress takes a brave stance, "I am not upset. As far as I know, I am in a five-star hotel and it's the same hotel that Nikhil, the producers and the rest of the crew is also staying in. It's the Grand Sukhumvit. I am very comfortable and happy. I am being well taken care of."

Well, it is not yet proven that Deepika was furious with not being treated similarly. Deepika and Akshay are starring in the movie opposite each other. The movie will also be shot in China as well. Now, let us see if the two leading actors are boarded in the same hotel in China.