Thursday, February 8, 2007

ICC Marking on the Transportation Issue ahead of the World Cup Cricket 2007

ICC (International Cricket Council) chief Malcom Speed focuses on the transportation issue during the upcoming World Cup Cricket 2007. The tournament is going to be staged from the 11th of March. The tournament will be hosted in nine countries of Caribbean region. So, ICC is now thinking about the transportation system of the region as the officials and spectators have to roam around the venues within a very short time and there will possibly have a heavy rush in the air planes.

Hardbeat News reported:

Chief executive Malcolm Speed, in an interview with Reuters, admitted “there will be logistical problems” during the March 13-April 28 tournament across nine Caribbean nations. “There will be problems for spectators as it is difficult to get about the Caribbean on normal commercial flights,” Speed was quoted as saying.

But he advised, “I think we need to bear in mind the size of the undertaking of playing a major sporting event in nine countries. Each country is different to each other, they do very little together but have all come together to host this World Cup.”

Still the ICC chief spoke glowingly about the venues and the grounds, predicting they will be “excellent.”

“They are working very hard to get the pitches and the playing fields up to standard,” he stated. “I am quite confident the work that’s gone into the planning for the venues has been outstanding and that anyone who goes to these venues will be very impressed with what they see.”

It has also been reported that there will be about 100,000 spectators in the host countries during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007. However, making some good and effective plans can be the right way to solve the transportation problems. The concerned authorities can come up with some extra vehicle and flight which are badly needed in order to have a nice World Cup Cricket 2007. I hope the tournament will be successful.