Saturday, January 20, 2007

Jade Goody Voted Out of the Celebrity Big Brother Show

Jade Goody has recently been got out from the reality television show Celebrity Big Brother. She has been out of the show by the telephone vote of the people. It has been reported that 82 percent caller provided their choices through the phone. Goody, a popular television star in UK, was accused of involving in a row over the racist activities to her fellow housemate Shilpa Sheety. After the incident, it became the talk of the point both in India and UK. Even the finance minister of Britain, Gordon Brown, has also criticized such activities. Media in both the countries took their position against racism. Even the people of both India and Britain have expressed their co-existence against racism. Along with Jade Goody, there were other two housemate accused of the same activities. I am quoting some lines about this news from a timesofindia report:

Goody, 25, was voted out of the show late on Friday by 82 per cent of callers giving their verdict in a phone vote, following a turbulent week of protests over the alleged racist bullying of Shetty.

Channel 4, the TV station broadcasting the programme, decided in the last minute to bar the public from a post-eviction event.

Goody, a Briton, who together with two other participants had allegedly branded the Indian actress a "dog" and told her "to go back to the slums", had rapidly lost support with the public and media”

It is a matter of great sorrow that racism appeared in a popular television show. However, people of Britain have proved that they are always against racism.