Thursday, January 25, 2007

ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 Official Souvenir to be Published Next Week

The official souvenir of upcoming ICC Cricket World Cup West Indies 2007 is going to be published very soon with a huge amount of information regarding the world cup cricket. The 132-page publication will be on sale in the cricket playing countries. Besides the profile of participating countries and players, information regarding venues, the souvenir will also include information regarding the past world cup cricket tournaments. Caribbean360 reported:

CWC 2007 said that the contract for its publication was awarded to the Nation Publishing Company Limited in Barbados and the 132-page magazine provides a wealth of detailed information on the Event, from profiles of the 16 Participating Nations, to players to watch, highlights of previous ICC Cricket World Cups and a breath-taking showcase of the nine Caribbean Host Venues.

"True cricket fans will be clamouring to get this book. It will be a collectible," said ICC CWC 2007 Commercial Manager, Stephen Price. "It is the definitive tournament guide and it covers a wide range of topics from teams, to the host countries, to features on the Caribbean's rich and colourful cricketing culture. We expect it to be in great demand."

Stating that ICC Cricket World Cup West Indies 2007 Inc. is "very proud" of the Official Souvenir Guide, he applauded the fact that it was "born and bred in the Caribbean and is testament to the world-class ability and talent within the region".

"The Nation has worked diligently to get this publication out in the required time frame and they have done an excellent job," said Price.

Meanwhile, CEO and Publisher of The Nation, Vivian-Anne Gittens, said the regional media entity is "very excited with the Official Souvenir Guide".

"It's the first publication we have done for the ICC Cricket World Cup and it demonstrates that a Caribbean company can create a product of exceptional quality for the global arena. We have been receiving positive reviews from our international partners and are confident that cricket fans around the world will want to secure a copy of this guide as their official and authentic source of information for the ICC Cricket World Cup," she said.

It will definitely be a guideline for the fans. I think, the souvenir should be distributed in the cricket playing countries efficiently. Thus people will be interested to come and enjoy cricket in a new country.