Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Gangstar Famed Actress Kangana Ranaut Threatened by Her Sister’s Lover

Actress Kangana Ranaut, actress of Gangstar, has been threatened to her life from her sister Rangoli’s lover Sharma. She has been threatening for the last month through phone call and SMS. Here it is noteworthy that her sister has already been a victim of acid throwing by Sharma and his friend Prem Singh. For the recent threat, Kangana has filed a case in the local police station and Sharma and Prem Singh have been arrested but Sharma has got bail. Zee News reported:

"Deputy Commisisoner of Police V K Choubey said, "a complaint was filed at Versova police station yesterday and we are investigating the matter."

Police here have written a letter to their counterparts in Uttarakhand, informing the latter about the alleged threats to Kangana, who lives in the metropolis.

In Dehra Dun, Senior Superintendent of Police Sanjay Gunjiyal said Avinash Sharma, on whose alleged instructions acid was thrown on Kangana`s sister Rangoli last year, has been "ringing up" the actress on her mobile phone and "threatening to throw acid on her face if he failed to marry Rangoli".

Allegedly acting at the behest of Sharma, his friend Prem Singh posed as a courier boy and threw acid on Rangoli`s face in Dehradun on October 5 last year.

"He (Sharma) also tried to meet Kangana personally," Gossain said. Kangana was not available for comment.

Rangoli is reportedly being treated in a hospital in Mumbai for burns sustained in last year`s attack.

Uttarakhand police had arrested Sharma and Singh and a court in Dehradun granted bail to Sharma on November 13. Gunjiyal said police would oppose Sharma`s bail in the district court.”

It seems very bad that a new but promising actress has been threatened and her sister has been a victim of acid throwing. This is the responsibility of the local government to investigate the incident and punish the accused persons. I hope such unfortunate incident will be taken seriously by the government.