Monday, January 22, 2007

Dino Maria’s Five Favorite Italian Things

Dino Maria has recently talked about his favorite five Italian things. Here, it is noteworthy that his father is an Italian. He is a known face in Bollywood. He praised the films, cars, countryside, Fashion and Cuisine. Indiafm reported:

Italian fashion is trendy as well as artistic. You will find some of the funkiest creations on the Italian ramp. My favourite Italian garment would definitely be the suit. The cut and fit is simply sleek. Whenever I walk up the aisle, I will do so in an Italian Tuxedo for sure.

Even though my brother’s continental eatery, Crepe Station specialises in crepes - he also tosses up the best pasta. Like every Italian my favourite is the pasta. I love it because it is tasty and easy to cook.

Fast and furious, the Ferrari is my dream machine. I want to own a black Ferrari Marinalo and go on a long, long drive. That would surely be a memorable joy ride.

Italy is shaped like a woman’s boot and it boasts of the best countryside in all of Europe. From Naples and Capri to Sardinia, Rome and Florence - it is a vast expanse of natural and architechtural marvels. Italians are so much like Indians, warm and friendly and very family bound.

One of Italy’s best exports is definitely the cinema. I am particulary fond of Roberto Benignini’s Life Is Beautiful and Guiseppe Tornatore’s classic Cinema Paradiso. Both the films won the Oscar in the Best Foreign Language Film category.

The things Dino Maria likes most seem to be of luxury and it is not possible for middle class or lower class people to have the taste of these things. However, it is his likings and no body has anything to about it.