Monday, January 29, 2007

GPL Has Enough Reserve of Electricity to Meet the Demand during the World Cup Cricket 2007

GPL has got the job for supplying electicity at the time of World Cup Cricekt 2007. Earlier, there was a rumor that the company may have lack of reserve capacity ahead of the biggest tournament of the cricket world. However, recently the company has stated that they have enough reserve to live up to the demand. Stabrokenews reported:

Reserve requirement is a function of the configuration of the grid, the size of individual units and power plants, along with company or regulatory standards. GPL's reserves requirement is premised on the size of the two largest units available. The 11 MW reserve capacity meets this criterion, and of course, this is supported by the historical availability of our generating machines.

GPL is satisfied that the company has taken the necessary measures to adequately meet the projected requirements for CWC 2007.

As world cup is an international competition, it is needed to have adequate reserve of electricity to provide continuous supply of electricity which is very important issue to be assured.