Monday, January 29, 2007

Review of Socha Na Tha

For new generation, arrange marriage is a common problem. Many people get some trouble for arrange marriage. Socha Na Tha is that kind movie. In this movie hero also faces same problem. Hero likes a girl and his family finds a girl to marriage with his. He does not say something to his family about that girl and he faces lots of problems in his life. New come actor Abhay Deol plays the role of Viren.

Ayesha Takia plays the role of Aditi. Viren (Abhay Deol) is little restless, clever, naughty, a smart, and a good friend. He likes to enjoy. Aditi is a charming, sweet, and good looking girl. She has no parents. She lives with her uncle and aunty. They are father and mother for her. Her family tries to give marry to her. Four times, boys have come in her house to see her, but everybody decline her.

Story begins to show that hero, Viren has been come in market to date with his girlfriend. He thinks that he proposes her, but he has been failed. He also wants to say his family about his Christian girlfriend whose name is Karen. Viren’s family belongs to Hindu. So he fears and does not say any thing. His father and mother force him to see a girl, which has been choice by his parents. In this situation, the hero meets with heroine, and this girl is Aditi (Ayesha Takia).

In their discussion, they have set that the boy, Viren will reject the girl. They do this, but they become make a good friend of each other. They also have shared everything of their lives to each other. Aditi knows about Viren’s girl friend. Aditi has helped them to meet with each other on Goa. It is impossible for Viren to go to Goa with his girl friend, because she has not permit from her home. Adity has been managed all things. She has also gone with them. In this journey, Viren’s lots of friends have presented there. They have enjoyed this tour very much.

There is a song ‘Aabhi Aabhi Mere’. This song has been picturized when they have enjoyed in Goa. It is a full of masti song. However, according to their plan Viren has reject Aditi. As a result, a misunderstand have created between two families, but Viren and Aditi continue their friendship. When Aditi went to Goa, she has told lie to her family. After coming back from Goa Viren goes Aditi’s college to meet with her, and Aditi’s brother and sister have watched them together. Unfortunately, they have thought that some thing between them. Again another mistake has created in these people. All this things have turned their situation. Aditi’s family has blockaded her at home and tries to give her marry as early as possible.

For Viren, it is too tough to say his family about his Christian girlfriend. His sister-in –law has helped him in this matter. First, his family has not taken this, after they have accepted that. When everything is going perfectly, on that time Viren has understand that he is falling in love with Aditi. He wants to marry with Aditi. He tries to break up his relationship with Karen. For this reason, she goes to Karen’s home and gives some conditions of his family. Conditions are that she will changed her name, she will vegetarian. All of she would do according to Hindu religion. He has done this, which has been made angry to Karen’s father. He has canceled his daughter marriage proposal with Viren. Karen wants to get back all this so she and her father comes Viren’s home. When Viren has watched this, he has escaped from his house. Because he has told about some conditions which have lie.

After escaping from house he goes to Aditi’s home, where some people has come to see Aditi. When Vhiren enters in the room, Aditi and her fiancĂ©e have talked to each other. He creates bad situation. Aditi’s parents have insulted him and get out from home by the security guard. Then he feels very bad, he goes Karen’s home and has been taken forgive from Karen’s father. He also wants forgive from his father. After all of these things his family members forgive him, and he joins in his father office. He becomes really unhappy for all things, which have happened with him.

One day when he gives presentation in his office, Aditi enters in that room suddenly. He becomes shocked. Adity is waiting for his outside. After finishing the meeting he meets with Aditi; she says Viren that she has escaped from her engagement ceremony. Viren says that this is not right to escape from home; this is not solution, but nothing happened. He has left his office with Aditi. After all of this one day they have come. Family has accepted them. They have been got married. Viren and Aditi then lead happy lives.