Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Strong Security to be Taken during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007

A strong security is going to be taken in the Caribbean host nations of coming ICC Cricket World Cup during the tournament. The security going to be taken will restrict the fans from carrying horns, box and many other things which are very common things in a cricket stadium. So, it is now a question that if such restrictions will make the tournament less interested to the fans. The Voice-online reported:

“World Cup security chiefs have stated: “CWC wants this to be the most memorable Cricket World Cup ever and to do so we must safeguard against anything which could compromise the safety and security of persons within the stadiums on match day."

But it is felt that some of the prohibited and restricted items on their hitlist are traditional for fans that will be descending on games; and to confiscate items such as horns would take away from the party.

One disgruntled fan however, who is hoping to go to the World Cup, told The Voice of Sport: “They say to come for the cricket and stay for the party. But it isn’t going to be much of a party at this rate. No horns, no cool box, what’s that all about?”

“We West Indians know how we do when it comes to taking-in our cricket and that involves the banned items. Fans love coming to the West Indies for exactly that and will be a little bit peeved when they can’t express themselves in the way they would have planned.

“You can see it now, they’ll be saying ‘but I thought this was the West Indies, where everyone is relaxed and chilled?’

“They’ll be right too. I can’t remember the last time I saw any drama at a Caribbean cricket match, not off the pitch anyway. People won’t be using their cool boxes to hurt anyone. It’s ridiculous”

ICC CWC 2007 Security Director, John Collymore said: “There will be thousands of people at each match and it is important, especially in such a crowded and festive environment, that we take the necessary precautions to ensure maximum safety.

“This will not in any way detract from the traditional party atmosphere at Caribbean cricket matches. In fact, these measures will certainly enhance it because spectators will appreciate that they are in a secure venue and can feel free to enjoy the event without any fear."

Security is a big issue in today’s world but the authorities should also think about the enjoyment and excitement of cricket. On the other hand, I am sure that the fans will have no complain on anything related to their safety.