Friday, January 26, 2007

Arya Babbar Not Gets Any Help from His Father Raj Babbar

Arya Babbar is not a popular actor of Bollywood. However, his latest movie Guru has been successful and now ruling the box office. In the movie he played a small and insignificant role where he had barely any chance to be acclaimed or criticized. So the movie Guru can not be a turning point in his acting career. He recently talked about his acting career. He thinks he has come to this position by his own talent, where the actor image of his father did not help him. His interview was published in India Times Movies report:

You career didn’t take off very well, with Ab Ke Baras (2002) and Mudda: The Issue (2003) both failing at the box-office.
“I started off when I was just 19; it was a bit too early. After my initial films didn’t do well, I decided to take some time off for myself. I devoted my time to theatre. I did all sorts of work in it - backstage, supporting roles, small roles, etc. I also attended a few editing, cinematography workshops abroad. It was a grooming period for me.”

Did you have second thoughts about choosing ‘acting’ as a career after tasting failure too early?
“Obviously I did. You do get these thoughts about trying out something else, once you face failure. But you have to keep trying until you get it right.”

Despite being a star kid, the industry hasn’t been kind enough.
“What matters in the industry is your potential. I was a star kid only till 2002. Since then it has been my struggle. Frankly, I was never brought into the limelight as such by my family. My dad has not helped me professionally.”

After your unsuccessful start you chose to make a comeback with Guru, where you played a second fiddle to Abhishek! Comment.
“In fact I played a third fiddle in Guru (laughs). You can say I played safe. Guru is a Mani Ratnam film. He is a director par excellence and just being a part of his film meant everything to me. Also times are changing and today’s audiences don’t want a hero, they want entertainment.”

As an actor his father had popularity in Bollywood and Arya Babbar was also a star child. I think, acting is an art where one can not flourish without having any talent or potential. So, an actor father cannot help much to his son to get a place in the industry. What Arya Babbar should do now is to concentrate more on acting whatever the role is.