Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Shilpa Sheety to be Millionaire

Shilpa Sheety is now one of the biggest stars in UK as she won the Celebrity Big Brother. It is not only fame but also money coming to her with a great extent. It has been reported that she may get about £ 10 million. Earlier she was racially abused by some of her fellow celebrities in the reality television show which has created much news in both Indian and England. On the other hand, Jade Goody, one of the racist bullies is not going to be ruined after being voted out of the show following the incident of racism. Hellomagazine reported:

The multilingual, 31-year-old from Tamil Nadu is already in talks to star in a BBC comedy by Sanjeev Bhaskar of The Kumars At No 42 fame. Her mum Sunanda reportedly has other plans for her attractive daughter, though, having apparently flown over from India to find Shilpa a suitable husband.

Life isn't quite so peachy for Shilpa's fellow contestant Jade Goody, who first found fame and fortune by appearing in the third Big Brother series. The former dental nurse has been admitted to The Priory clinic suffering from stress. It is understood that seeing boyfriend Jack Tweedy, 19, impersonate her as the housemates recreated the now infamous Oxo cube argument, was the final straw. "She saw a doctor and he advised she needed further treatment," said her spokeswoman.

This is a good time for Shilpa Sheety but it does not mean that she is going to have a good husband following her financial fortune. However, it is yet to see what happen in her personal life as her mother is looking for her husband.


Anonymous said...

Shilpa Sheety will fiend a husband but they don't need to find one just yet becuose she still has to make lots of bollywood films.