Thursday, January 25, 2007

Shilpa Shetty: Support Keeps Coming For Her

It seems that it is the time of Shilpa Shetty. She is all over the news and in Internet, whenever there is any news on Bollywood, we just see news items about her. Since joining Big Brother, Shilpa is getting more and more popularity and media coverage.

The Peninsula reported:

Anupam Kher (a judge on "Zee Cine Stars"): To be called such names is just not unparliamentary. It's appalling. I don't know how it (was) allowed. Having said that I must say reality television is all about grief... and that's the brief.

No, I never force tears out of the contestants on Zee Cine Stars. But the tears don't hurt the TRPs. Shilpa went with her eyes open. And look what her presence has done to the show! "Big Brother" is being watched by everyone! I love the dignity with which she handled herself. But governments getting into the game show? Now that according to me is a bit too much!

Arshad Warsi (host of "Bigg Boss"): First of all, let me say Shilpa is beautiful, articulate and very camera friendly. Hence she was a sitting target for all the other inmates at "Big Brother".

Good luck for Shilpa Shetty. Go ahead and rock UK with big brother.