Monday, January 29, 2007

Caribbeans Going to Present the Best Ever Cricket World Cup

World cup cricekt 2007 is now knocking at the door. The host nations of Caribbean region are now all set to be the first destination of the cricekt world. All the local organizing cmittees are now going through a busy schedule ahead of this biggest festival of world cricket. This time the natural beauty of the Caribbean region along with the excitement of cricekt will charm the fans both in and out of the stadiums. Recently, Dr Ernest Hilaire, Chief Executive Officer of Cricket World Cup St Lucia Inc., has said that this world cup is going to be the best comparing the previous tournaments of world cup cricket. Nation News reported:

Speaking to Caribbean-Americans at The Mangoville Bar and Grill in Queens, New York last weekend, Hilaire said a few years ago when the West Indies won the right to host the world's biggest cricket spectacle, many sceptics believed small island nations would never be able to do it. "But we told them. . . we are going to deliver to the world the best Cricket World Cup."

According to Hilaire, "it's not about sitting down in a stadium and clapping for every four and every wicket. It's about liming the night before, feting just before the match, celebrating during the match and, of course, liming and feting after the match. . . . It will be 47 nights of festivals and excitement."

"This is an event that no West Indian should miss; it's an event that no cricket supporter should miss," he said, adding that on display would be some of the finest quality cricket venues in the world.

St Lucia 's director of tourism, Maria Fowell, told the audience her country had a wide variety of accommodations to offer cricket fans.

St Lucia has earned CWC 2007's "Blue Package" which includes six first-round or group-stage matches between Canada, England, Kenya and New Zealand in Group C in March 2007, and the semifinal between the No. 1 and No. 4 teams in April.

The tournament is going to be started from March 11, 2007. I am not preety sure that this tournament would be the best world cup cricket ever but I hope people will have an excellent tournaent with some special things including natural beauty, culture, tradition and life style of Caribbean region.