Monday, January 29, 2007

Review of Mujhse Dosti Karoge

Mujhse Dosti Karogi is film about three friends. Hrithik Roshan, Rani Mukherji, Kareena Kapoor are in this movie. Hrithik plays Raj, Rani plays Puja, and Kareena plays Tina. The story begins with a friendship in three children and their parents. Raj’s (Hrithik) father shifts in London when Raj was child. First, he lived in Shimla with his other two friends. As Raj, Puja, and Tina are friends, in this way their fathers are friends. When Raj has left Shimla he has said Tina that he will send e-mail and requests her to send e-mail as a reply from Puja’s computer, because Tina has no computer. She promised to Raj. After starting life in London Raj sends e-mail everyday, but Tina becomes bore with this. Other hand Puja likes that. She reads his e-mail with enjoy.

She also sends e-mail his regularly with the name of Tina. She thinks if she said everything then Raj would be never send any e-mail. So, it is continuing over fifteen years. One day Raj sends a e-mail that he will come with his family. So Puja convinces Tina that she will say that she has written all this e-mail. Raj comes back India. He never does not know that all e-mail send by Puja. He thinks that all from Tina and she likes Raj. After coming India he wants to express his love for Tina, but unfortunately he dose not can do this. He backs in London again. Puja wants to admit a university of London. So she comes in London.

One time Raj said that her about a church and a tune. Raj listen this tune from a church and he sent that by e-mail. As Puja comes in London to admit in university they have traveled many places. They have also gone in a church. In prayer time Puja has been sang this tune, and then Raj understands all this things. When Raj was in India he always talked about this tune church, his favorite things in front of Tina, but she could not guess any thing; all of these things have confused him, and did him unpleasant.

When he has listened this tune from Puja all is clear for him. He accepts Puja as his lover and fiancĂ©e. First Puja cannot accept that but Raj says that he loves her because he loves her who writes e-mail. Then Puja accepts it and they make plan that they say family members about their relation, but when they reached in their home, they have invented that Tina’s father died. Tina does not know anything, which has happened between in Raj and Puja. It harts Puja’s hurt. He says Raj she does not take Tina’s love. She says Raj, that Tina has no parents; she has only loves of Raj. If she takes this it makes her alone. First, Raj does not accept this, but after he agrees and gives a condition for Puja, that Puja will also choose for her.

First, Puja does not accept that, but after she choices a guy and they all get angezment each other. Their marriage also fixed in same day. At the end of the movie, climax has come. Raj’s mother says Tina she has a bangle. It is their old and respectable bangle, which she got from her mother-in-law. She also wants to give this Tina as daughter-in-law. She promises to Tina, she will give it in her marriage day, but Raj has given it Puja, when he has expressed his love for Puja. On marriage day, Tina finds that bangle on Puja’s jewelry box. Then she understands all things. In the last stage of movie we find that Tina cancels her marriage with Raj and explain all matters. It is bad for Tina, but she happy for her friends. Thus, the hero and the heroine meet with each other. The movie is end to show with their marriage ceremony.