Friday, January 26, 2007

Tabu: Out of the Mainstream Movies

Tabu is a very good actress and she did not see that much of Box office success but she maintained to stay in the lime light for a long time. She has some movies coming out this year. However, she is no longer interested in the main stream Bollywood movies. Instead, she is eager to act in some quality movies- even if they are off beat.

IBN Live wrote:

Bollywood actress Tabu says she has become very particular about the filmmakers she works with.

Standard romantic movies no longer appeal to her, she told The Indian Express.

“I've become so spoilt now that a good role and a good director are no longer enough to make me act,” she said.

“I consider whether the banner (production house) and the producer are good enough and whether I'll be comfortable working with the team,” she added.

I really admire Tabu’s attitude. She may not be a top lady in Bollywood but surely she was very wise in selecting movies. That is why she has been able to survive in the rat race. Secondly, she may not be a box office success but many people will remember her for a long time.