Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Host Nations will Generate Good Amount in Future?

World Cup Cricket tournament is an international tournament which is not only related to the excitement and the passion of the game; rather it is more related to the economy of the host nation. A country can make a boom in their economic sector on the occasion as many visitors come to the country during the tournament and the host nation tries to make both instant and long term profit from the tournament. For the coming world cup cricket 2007, it seems that the host nations are going to focus on the long term profit. Let me make the thing clear. As there is a visa problem seen in some of the cricket playing nations and the hard security system, it is claimed that the number of expected fans will be decreased during the tournament. However, the host countries may be beneficial even after the tournament. The Caribbean countries will, for sure, come into lime light throughout the world during the cricket tournament and thus the beauty of this region will be seen on the television screen which will definitely be the advertisement for the region.

Antigua Sun reported:

Now they have heard that the numbers are dwindling and that as many people as previously projected would not be in fact coming to the Caribbean for ICC World Cup 2007.

Some lay blame at the feet of the United States for having placed restrictions on their citizens’ ability to travel back to their homeland unless they had a valid United States passport. Then the problem appeared to have been compounded by the late decision by Caricom to have visa restrictions placed on people from some of the major cricketing countries like Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Indeed, there are several concerns now surrounding the success of the hosting of the tournament by the West Indies. Nevertheless, the tournament must come off, if the region is not to find itself in an internationally embarrassing situation.

So the wheels continue to turn and several people, still very optimistic, continue to push ahead with their various programme, hoping to hear at the last minute that thousands upon thousands will still flock to the region for the tournament. Therefore, they continue to tidy up that extra room, put some more money into their little entrepreneurial programes, which might earn them a good return, and they wait for the tournament to unfold.

During the period of ICC Cricket World Cup their mettle will be tested to the limit and they must be able to keep a very high standard at all times. Just a couple of hostile incidents and we can be guaranteed that there will be people very willing to issue travel advisories against the country, where the incident might have taken place.

This deserves very serious consideration because it has now been recognised that the economic success of the tournament will not lie in the few weeks throughout which the games are played but that period just after and well into the future. The region would have experienced worldwide television coverage never before thought imaginable and certainly of a magnitude regional governments would never hope to accomplish through the limited advertising budgets most of them have.

This is not a bad news that the world cup will have less visitors but this in, on the other hand, is a good news that the Caribbean region will get many visitors in future because of the mass promotional activities during the world cup tournament.