Monday, January 29, 2007

Celebrity Big Brother Competitor Danielle Loosing Her Popularity after the Racist Row

Another celebrity accused of racism row seen in the reality television show Celebrity Big Brother, Danielle Lloyd is now going through a hard time as her popularity has drastically been reduced and her relationship with her boyfriend has been cut up after she had been voted out of the show. Danielle’s mother Jackie is now feared of the future of her daughter. Her mother rejected the accusation of being racist against her daughter. Entertainmentwise reported:

She tells the News Of The World, “Danielle is at the start of her career and facing ruin because of a TV show that she thought was going to be entertaining and fun.

"Everything's been taken away from her as well. It has destroyed the family. I'm regretting she went in.”

However, whilst Jackie says Danielle “has got a lot of questions to answer when she gets out” she has denied her daughter is a racist.

She claims, “She will be distraught but she's got to take responsibility. She's been stupid and naive and she's guilty of that (but) I know she didn't mean any racial connotations when she told Shilpa to go home.

"Danielle's been brought up amongst family friends of all different races. I swear she isn't racist."

Shilpa agrees, saying on the show, “I let Danielle off because she is so young. They (Jade and Jo) made her look bad. You know what really balances it out for Danielle? Her stupidity. She's so innocent."

This is a bad news for a young star to have been lessened her popularity which will definitely be a negative for Danielle’s career. However, I do not know whether she was racist or not but if she is, then she deserves such treatment from the people.