Friday, January 26, 2007

ICC Cricket World Cup West Indies 2007 Local Organizing Committees Gone though a Workshop on Ticketing

World Cup Cricket is a big tournament and needs to have a huge preparation to work out the problems to be faced during the competition. As a part of such preparation, all the LOCs (Local Organizing Committees) of nine host venues have recently gone through a two-day workshop in order to analyze the ticketing procedures of upcoming world cup cricket West Indies 2007. As the ticketing procedures are related to the security, most important issue, it should definitely get the priority than any other issue. After the completion of the workshop, Delroy Taylor, ICC CWC 2007 Project Officer – Ticketing, has talked about the workshops and some of their decisions. Travel Daily News reported:

“We want to ensure that the persons spearheading Ticketing in each country are fully aware of the policies – which are geared towards problem-solving – and how they must be applied in relation to other departments and according to various scenarios,” elaborated Taylor.

On Match Day, Ticketing operations will naturally have to integrate with other functional areas such as Security, Event Management and Venue Development. This process was the focus of the workshop which was attended by ICC CWC 2007 Ticket Centre Supervisors from the nine Host Venues as well as staff from CWC’s Ticketing Unit.

“These procedures and policies relate to problems which spectators may encounter before entering the stadium and also while they are inside the stadium. We want everyone to know what should be done in particular situations, how it should be done and who has responsibility for what,” said the CWC Project Officer.

During the workshop, participants also discussed the operation of the Access Control system which will be in place at stadia. This encompasses turnstiles, an electronic bar-code reader (attached to the turnstiles) and a connection from the bar-code reader into CWC’s Ticketing database.

“Ticketing will be a major part of the Access Control set-up and obviously Ticketing personnel will need to understand its functions in relation to their duties,” Taylor pointed out.”

This is a good initiative to organize such workshop concerned to a major issue of the tournament ticketing. I think, the decisions taken in the workshops should be spread out throughout the cricketing world so that everybody knows about the rules. Letting people know the rules is as important as making the rules.