Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bermudians Less Interested to Go to Trinidad to Support Their Players Staying in the Stadium during the Cricket World Cup 2007

Bermuda is one of the contestants in the coming world cup cricket 2007. They have got the ticket of world cup cricket for the first time. So, this is very usual to have a huge interest among the Bermudians to watch the team at this biggest stage of cricket. Moreover, the cricket world cup 2007 is going to be held in the Caribbean region. So, it was expected that many Bermudians will come to the Caribbean country Trinidad to watch the performance of their team staying in the stadium. However, the reality is very different as Bermudians are not responding much to go to Trinidad on the occasion of the biggest festival of world cricket, ICC Cricket World Cup. The Royal Gazette reported:

I thought more people would have been behind the team because regardless of the outcome it is a privilege for Bermuda to be there (World Cup),” C Travel’s Pam Maybury told The Royal Gazette yesterday.
“I feel that any sporting team or anybody who is representing Bermuda as far as sports is concerned needs to have some sort of following which helps to make a big difference.”
In an effort to boost numbers, C Travel are offering chartered flights directly to Trinidad and a 14-night World Cup package that includes hotel accommodation – beginning at $210 per night – while game tickets can also be purchased.
Yet business remains slow with the number of people having arranged to travel to Trinidad through C Travel said to be “just over 100”.
Maybury now hopes to see an increase in ticket sales as the cricket spectacle draws nearer.
"Bermudians do tend to move at the last moment. And so we are still hoping things do pick up later,” she said. Bermuda are in a group with former World Cup champions Sri Lanka India as well as Bangladesh in Group B."

Bermuda has been grouped in the Group B where they will meet with two former world cup cricket champions India and Sri Lanka and the other team is Bangladesh. This is true that Bermuda may not be able to make anything special as all the teams of theie group are very strong, but their participation will create a much hymn in their country which will definitely help to develop their cricket standard.