Monday, January 22, 2007

Randeep Hopes to Get Back His Ex Girl Friend Shusmita Sen?

Randeep Hooda is not a popular actor in India. Recently his fourth film Risk was released and he was praised for plying the role of a cop. However, he is best known not for his acting skill rather for his loving relationship with star Bollywood actress and former Miss Universe Shusmita Sen. Both of them were in a deep relation. Though the relationship was not for a long time, Randeep still feels for Shusmita. Randeep’s recent speech indicated her strong desire for her ex girl friend. Indiafm reported:

It’s been quiet a while now that the Sush and Randeep have separated. Both lead their own respective lives and we thought that it’s all over. But seems like it isn’t completely over from Randeep’s side. From the latest statements that came from Randeep Hooda, it seems hard to believe that Randeep has got over his relationship with Sushmita Sen.

When asked about his views on onscreen kissing, Randeep said that he didn’t really enjoy the kiss in his first film Monsoon Wedding as his co-star Neha Dubey seemed nervous. But then he jumped on to saying that the kiss in his upcoming film Karma, Confessions and Holi was much better. Now, obviously we know who he lip-locked with in that film, don’t we? So what are his thoughts about Sushmita Sen now? “Magnificent!” is how he describes Sushmita Sen. He still seems to be so much into her that when given an option whether he would like to see Sushmita Sen or international supermodel Naomi Campbell, he selects Sushmita Sen.

So, will he still accept her if ever she comes back in his life? “Love is always acceptable” he replies. Unfortunately, this seems to be a one-sided situation. Though it is clear now, that the Deshu of ‘D’ is still obsessed for Miss Universe, Sushmita hasn’t really reciprocated to her ex’s feelings. Randeep might be more than happy to have her back in his life, but then the big question raises, Is Sushmita even interested to get back with him?

It is though a desire of a person to her lover, the relationship is hardly possible as Shusmita is an established actress and has a great fame in the industry. On the other hand, Randeep Hooda is still struggling for her own survival in the industry. Pragmatic situation is here the biggest contestant of Love.