Sunday, January 21, 2007

Controversy over Racism being Analyzed in a Hissing Voice Even After Its Formal End

Talking about the row on racism in Celebrity Big Brother has come to an end. Jade Goody, one of tormentor of Shilpa Sheety, has been voted out of the show. The situation has become cool and everything is going on well now. However, has everything gone really or is not there anything roaring? The straight answer is difficult to give but analysis of the incidents and overall review of the matter is still going on in hissing voice. Some are going fully against Jade and other accused participants. I have gone through an article where writer claimed that Shilpa should not have gone to participate to the show and Indians lack of nationalism in them than the Japanese and Chinese. Indicating the Indian movies the writer said that Indian movies are worshiping the western culture. The India Daily reported:

It is important to preserve and be proud of your own culture. Problem with native Indians is that they beg for dollar and euros. They would do anything if they can smell dollars and euros. In Hindi movies, it is now a requirement that 50% of the movies be shot in Western nations so that taste of ‘glamor’ sells in the box office.

Why Shilpa went to UK? Why she has to make a big roar. Why these Bollywood jokers cannot preserve their own culture? Why can India cinema go beyond the medieval age ‘dancing and singing’? Why are girls in Bollywood called item numbers?

The fact is Indians who live in India unlike the Chinese and Japanese have become less nationalistic. They are greedy and like make it quick without sacrificing much.

Shilpa should have thought several times before going to UK. What she went through, every expatriate Indian goes through in the Western nation. But you have to shrewd. Take it in the chin and move on – not make a big hoopla about it.

Well, the writer may have his own perception but, for sure, I do not agree with her totally. It is true that Indian movies are being filmed in western countries taking the themes of many Hollywood movies but, it does not mean that they are copying the Hollywood. Using the special effect in Dhoom 2 can not be accused of copying the technology used in the movie Matrix. Technology has no border and everybody has access to it. Filming a movie in abroad does not mean that the movie is neglecting its own culture. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have recently visited India for shooting a film but, it is baseless to claim that they have lack of nationalism.

However, I support some of the points indicated in the article and first is Item Girl. This insignificant character of a movie has been popular in Bollywood movies and in the name to entertainment this character sometimes gives obscene pictures. In the name of modernism sometimes open kisses are given in Bollywood movies which I think should be eradicated from the industry as it does not go with the Indian culture and tradition.

At last, I would like to say that the racism seen in the show is over and British people have proved that they are against racism as they made Goody out of the show voting against her while Shilpa is still going well in the show. I think any Indian can proud of it and it would be the indication of strong nationalistic attitude of Indian people.