Friday, January 19, 2007

Gordon Brown Condemns the Racial Abusing of Shilpa Sheety

Shilpa Sheety has been the talk of the point for the couple of days because of her being racial abused by some of her housemate in the Celibrity Big Brother television show. For some of the recent episode of the show, she was apparently targeted by some of other celebrity contestants of the show. I am quoting some lines regarding this news from a Daily India report:

After the spat, housemate Cleo Rocos told Shetty: 'I don't think there's anything racist in it.' Shilpa replied: 'It is, I'm telling you.'

The viewership for Wednesday was over a million more than that recorded for Tuesday night as allegations of racism against Shetty figured high on the agenda of diplomacy between India and Britain and hogged international headlines.

On the reality show, Shilpa has been targeted by some housemates because she is Indian and has been derided for her background and even her cooking.

Big Brother housemates Jade Goody, Danielle Lloyd and Jo O'Meara seem to have ganged up against her in the past few days. She has become the subject of snide and biting remarks because of her hauteur and popularity as the heartthrob of millions of Bollywood fans.

Shetty's housemates have often referred to her as 'the Indian', and some have found it difficult to pronounce her name, poked fun at her accent and asked her if she lived in a shack.

On this regard, British finance Minister Gordon Brow, now visiting India, has criticized such attempt of her housemates. Mr. Brown said:

This is unacceptable. Thousands of British people have already condemned it.

Indian finance Minister said P. Chidambaram said:

India and Britain are bound by shared values that support fairness and tolerance. We are against any form of racism or intolerance,

There is no strain on ties between the governments of Britain and India. Nor is there any strain between the people of India and Britain,

We hope that the universal condemnation will bring out a change in behaviour. I am pleased to say British Prime Minister Tony Blair has condemned it,

The only thing is that this show allows bad behaviour to be advertised. It will pass in a lighter vein

Prime Minister of Britain Tony Blair also condemns such racial abusing to Shilpa Sheety. Television show is just for entertainment. Television program is not all in life. However, because of the foolish activities of those celebrities a television show has likely created a problem involving two countries.