Friday, January 19, 2007

Team Jade and Team Shilpa, Two T-shirts Got a Boom in the UK Market

Controversy over racism of Celebrity Big Brother to Bollywood star Shilpa Sheety has been one of the most talked issue in the international arena. The talented actress have been reported to have racially abused by her two fellow housemates Jade Goody and Danielle Lloyd in popular television show Celebrity Big Brother which has been criticized thoroughly in the Indian media. On this regard, EMA Embroidery, in Penarth Road, Grangetown, Cardiff, has introduced two types of T-shirts printed off Team Jade in one T-shirt and Team Shilpa in another T-shirt. The owner of the company, couple Serandaz and Omera Khan has said that their selling has already made a boom. I am quoting some lines from a icwales report:

All the T-shirts are gone. We're ordering more shirts,' said Serandaz, who has been running the shop for just over a year.

We got the idea from the Team Aniston and Team Jolie T-shirts which came out after Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston divorced.'

He added: 'At the moment Shilpa T-shirts are selling more. We have sold 35 Shilpa ones and 20 Jades. The majority of people are siding with Shilpa. We can't believe how popular the T-shirts have been - most of them sold in a day.'

The couple, who have three children, say the issue is a hot topic and they are hooked on watching the show. They have family in Pakistan and know Shilpa from her Bollywood blockbuster films.

Serandaz said there was no doubt that Jade and her fellow housemates were being racist towards Shilpa.

'I don't think Shilpa realises what it is, but they are definitely being racist,' he said.

'All the viewers know this too. It's a big issue now. Shilpa doesn't want to create any trouble. She is from a very different culture. All the newspapers in Pakistan are talking about it. As soon as we finish work, we rush home.

The controversy has been reached at the peak of the mountain and it is the responsibility of the authority of the show to resolve the matter. I hope the matter will be solved very soon.